Promise (A Podcast)
Episode 9 - Reinventing the Resumé

Episode 9 - Reinventing the Resumé

This week I have a short and sharp conversation with Zoe Piper. Among her many other ventures, Zoe is founder of CareerVitae, a platform designed to rethink the concept of resumes or CVs.

We chat about Zoe's many different pursuits and how they contribute to her expertise, the power of networking, the changing nature of multi-faceted careers, why the concept of a CV is outdated, how corporate hiring and redundancies are a broken model, and ultimately how CareerVitae is setting out to tackle these issues.

CareerVitae is currently looking for UX/UI skills, so if you’re interested in this problem space, please reach out!

Please enjoy my discussion with Zoe Piper.

Show notes

[00:01:47] - [First question] – A high level view of Zoe’s pursuits

[00:02:31] - Leveraging this diversity of roles and interests

[00:03:37] - Defining what constitutes a “career”

[00:04:45] - Why the CV and resume are outdated concepts

[00:05:35] - Suggestions for organizations to innovate in this space

[00:06:45] - Laggards and inefficiencies in hiring

[00:07:35] - Zoe’s multi-faceted career in a wide variety of industries

[00:09:03] - Pursuing career interests vs taking roles out of necessity

[00:09:56] - Employer attitudes towards people whose work history has moved in many different directions

[00:10:57] - Setting up CareerVitae to solve these problems

[00:12:13] - How CareerVitae solves these issues, comparisons with LinkedIn, and ongoing knowledge sharing

[00:14:58] - Shifting organizations onto such a platform

[00:15:35] - Individual’s ownership of the data

[00:16:41] - Coaching jobseekers on effective CV and resume-writing

[00:18:05] - The variety of early adopters using CareerVitae

[00:19:41] - The future of the company, leveraging the early adopters and Zoe’s wide networks

[00:21:41] - Dream partner organizations

[00:22:09] - Existing team as well as desired skills

[00:23:43] - A future enabling better and more efficient jobseeker-employer connections

[00:24:31] - Zoe’s style of working, and the desire to keep pushing and building networks

[00:25:26] - Contact info

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